Linda Hill

Broken Trust

​     Confronted by an armed bank robber, Holly Randoll may secretly wish for a rescuer, but thanks to her weird sense of humor -  she saves herself. By the time the gunman strolls out of the bank, he looks like any other satisfied customer and Holly is giddy with relief. 

     But that relief evaporates when she meets Special Agent Patrick Michaelson, the FBI agent investigating the robbery. Startled by a jolt of "what-a-hunk" awareness, Holly dismisses the ill-timed response and blames stress. As the coolly aloof agent questions her, she can't understand why she's drawn to a warmth where none exists. 

     To investigate the bank suspected of money laundering, all Special Agent Michaelson needs is a sticky-fingered embezzler. But one look at the bank's vault teller and he knows it won't be her. She's innocent and he can't explain why his usually suspicious nature remains silent.

     His resolve to ignore the mystery ends with one simple kiss and he's forced to choose between his dedication to duty and the emotions he's unleashed. 

     Trusting his heart to a woman isn't easy for a man who's learned to trust no one.