Linda Hill

"BROKEN TRUST" was a Golden Heart finalist in Romance Writers of Americas prestigious yearly contest. It was also a finalist in RWA's Silicon Valley Chapter's....GOTCHA! Contest

"LOVING LIES" - book # 2 in the Silicon Valley Secrets series was a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier's contest. A yearly competition hosted by the Kiss of Death Romantic / Suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America.

"KAITLYNN'S REVENGE" - book #3 in the series was a GOTCHA! Contest finalist in RWA's Silicon Valley Chapter. ​​

Writing Achievements....

Writer of Romantic Fiction: 

Writing is a journey and mine has been a long time learning event. I started as a bank teller and ended my career working for the Feds investigating financial institutions and crooked bankers. An interesting experience which grew into writing and story telling. My writing teacher, Louise Vernon....always told me to "write what you know" and these books are the results of her advice. Thanks, Louise, you're the best!  

So that's how Broken Trust (former title - Interest Earned) came about. By the time I wrote "the end" I realized I had more than one story to tell. The books are connected through reoccurring characters who appear in each succeeding book. As a reader, I've always enjoyed connected books where I get a chance to see how the characters from previous story are doing.

My second book "Loving Lies" tells the story of a woman who learns she wasn't adopted as she'd been led to believe. Instead - at age three - she was kidnapped. Since I was an adopted child - this story touches on many of the questions I wondered about as I grew up.  And since my mom was adamant about me NOT trying to find my birth parents - that aroused my curiosity so much so that I started playing the "what if" game. And that, breathed life into the book and my characters. Thanks, Mom....